2101 – The Impossible Museum Of Living Things / Architectural Dept. For Parallel Cultures Et. Tropical Politics. (Decor Pour un Jardin d’Été)

Site specific installation. Diverse plants, old and found furniture, diverse prints and appropriated prints, slide projection (with local found slides), old office room.

The work departs from ideas and iconographies linked to different cultural settings. It materializes itself as an environmental installation, a narrative space from a fictional museum. In it, many historical narratives and sociopolitical contexts collapse, forming a scenario that brings some glimpses, representations and symbols of alternative views that confronts the notions of ‘paradise’ and ‘Europe’. Departing from concerns about our actual contextual conditions the installation points towards in time (2101) concerns and speculations that envision alternatives to our reality for a near future.

Exhibited at:
Residency program ‘Other possible Worlds’- Casino Luxembourg, 2011.