Acculturation is (Not) Integration series

In Acculturation is (not) Integration, Shwafaty also deals with the topic of cultural massification and colonisation, showing under different sculptural configurations works that deal with topics of major constructions, fusing popular elements popular elements: diverse types of plinths that refer to natural resources and elements of infrastructural construction sites with vases of manufactured clay partially covered by a painting that alludes to logos state-owned enterprises from the 1960’s and 1970’s onwards — such as Vale do Rio Doce, Itaipu and Petrobras — that had their visual communication strongly influenced by geometric abstraction. The title of the work reinforces the dialectic between manual and local production, and the developmentism of the monumental constructions of infrastructure or those large-scale projects related to those companies, which carried the belief on national integration and worked as instruments of exploitation of natural resources. (text by Tomas Toledo, Colonial Enterprise show).

Exhibited at:
Colonial Enterprise, Caixa Cultural Sé, São Paulo, 2015.
Hablemos de Reparaciones, Prometeogallery, Milano, 2016.