Anhanguera / Bandeirantes

Anhanguera/Bandeirantes, 2015
Chemo-engraving in bas relief, brass and automotive paint

The many layers of history and memory are explored and intertwined by Shwafaty in Anhanguera/Bandeirantes. The work shows two images— the Bartolomeu Bueno da Silva statue, the Anhanguera, and the Bandeirantes Road Memorial Monument—and two texts—a notice extracted from the press about the Anhanguera/Bandeirantes road system and a criticism of the way the Bandeirantes are considered the mythic founders of São Paulo State. These contents are juxtaposed and create a relation between the mission of exploration of the countryside led by the Bandeirantes and the economic development represented by the main access ways to the countryside of the state (text by Tomas Toledo, Colonial Enterprise show).

Exhibited at: Colonial Enterprise, Caixa Cultural Sé, São Paulo, 2015.