Brasilia Broadcast

Wooden flagpole, sound archive, loudspeaker, mp3 player, electric power, steel wire, metal structure, bricks, stones and tools, variable dimensions.

In Brasília Broadcast, the shadow of the coup d’etat comes up in the audio of the last speech of Juscelino Kubitschek as a senator, before his cassation and political clearance. The sound of the voice of the ex-president comes from a loudspeaker tied to a tumbled wooden trunk, a reference to traditional parish bazaar posts, surrounded by tools and debris. The audio alters between silence and eloquence, leading to a sensation of return and repetition, reinforced by the cycle of construction and destruction suggested by the scene. (text by Tomas Toledo, Colonial Enterprise show, 2015).

Link to sound track here.

Exhibited at: Colonial Enterprise, Caixa Cultural Sé, São Paulo, 2015.