Contract of Risk

Contract of Risk (the Worker, Politician, Intellectual and Revolutionary), 2009/2015
Rusted iron, varnish, silicone rubber, aluminum, wood. Dimensions: 119,5 x 50 x 42,5 cm

Two hands of rusted iron are united, one open and the other closed, fixed in an aluminum lunch box whose interior receives black silicone rubber (in an allusion to oil). The object is fixed on a base that resembles a popular market box and all the materials and their respective organization in the work – as well as the action that the hands do – can be read in a symbolic way: be the fist of political struggles or the famous dictum ‘stick your hand in gourds’ … hands and their possibilities engender acts linked to the most basic levels of human relationships. In this case, the title gives to this assembly of symbols and materials, ¬†outlines allusive to the many struggle cycles for power, as well as to nature and social role of its actors.

Exhibited at:
Contract of Risk, at Luisa Strina’s Gallery, 2015.