Dignity Barricade

video, color, sound. 9’42”. 2005/2008
(a video about an urban action and project made by Elefante Collective)

A video about the history of a public intervention and urban strategy project related to one of the biggest squatted buildings in South America, made together with the Social Housing Movement in São Paulo. The urban action (Dignity Barricade) worked at that time as a strategy and tool, a visual and material device that could be easily reproduced (and freely) by the social movement, as much times as they needed. Our role as artists in that situation was to collaborate with the movement in their struggle for a better and truly representation in the media, since the newspapers and TV channels were trying to ‘criminalize’ the social movements for housing. Elefante Collective in this urban action/project: Beto Shwafaty, Chico Linares, Daniel Manzione and Flavia Vivacqua.

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Exhibited at:
X Architecture Biennial of São Paulo, CCSP, 2013
International Architecture Biennial Rotterdam, Urbaninform online section (Squat City exhibition) www.urbaninform.net 2009
Desobedience Archive (curated by Marco Scotini, Milano) 2008
Mostra Luta, Museum of Image and Sound, Campinas, Brasil 2008

Mesquita, Andre. The Prestes Maia Occupation: Creative Dissensus For Social Transformation, pg. 78; in: Redfern and the Politics of Urban Space.