It’s All Allegory

Chemo-engraving in bas relief, brass, automotive paint.
Dimensions: 56 x 54 cm

As a figure of rhetorics, allegory produces the virtualization of meaning: its expression conveys one or more means beyond the literal one … that is, one says B to mean A. An Allegory need not to be expressed only through texts: it can address the eyes and be found in other forms of language. In this work, we see a journalistic text dealing with the privatization plans of a brand new ‘PetroBrax’ next to a picture of an allegoric car from Nene de Vila Matilde samba school in the 60s (from the archives of MIS-SP). In the picture we see two black men pushing the car that has both a scenic oil derrick and a plate with a design of the Alvorada Palace in Brasilia, together with the phrase ‘The Awakening of a Giant’.