From Abstract Orders to Material Progress

Sculpture2010 – 2013
Concrete blocks, flag, oil ink, bitumen, burnt oil, copper, wood, stainless steel, cord of cotton strings. 42 x 100 x 235 cm
Brass plate engraved in bass relief with automotive paint 60 x 80 cm

This project evokes some cycles of exploration and national development, producing a symbolic and pictorial intervention on the national symbol (the flag). If the colors of a flag evoke the wealth of a country through a visual and symbolic construction, the intervention of this element produces and updates aspects of the same national reality, creating frictions caused both by the presence of a new visual element in the flag (correct ) as well as the various socioeconomic connotations that such a visual element evokes in this specific case. A cor preta can, as well, refer to both the oil cycles and also to the effects that such cycles are not nationally imaginary. Together with the sculptural piece, we also see a brass plate engraved in low relief, which contains archival elements and newspaper clippings linked to news related to oil. Situated between the journal page and commemorative plaque formats, this piece of wall contextualizes the project in political and historical terms.

Exhibited in:

PIESP Exhibition, São Paulo, 2011
Mythologies, Cité des Arts, Paris, 2011
SP Art 2012
Art Basel 2013