Beto Shwafaty


Installation, diverse materials
Video, TV monitor, dvd player, furniture, ceramic and concret blocks plexiglass, plywood, photographs and graphic interventions in printed matter, watercolor and oil over inkjet prints. 25m2 aprox.
2010 – 2014

Remediation is the result of an exploration of how certain dynamics and notions of the national project are transposed to other communication media, especially in the fields of visual culture and spatial policy. The project addresses the multifaceted relationships between territorial planning, economy, architecture, ideology, history and progress, as it integrates issues related to modernism and the colonialism. By exploring the connections between nature, culture and politics, the project draws attention to the ideological uses of visuality, discourses related to progress and communication strategies, used in different instances of power in specific times and places in Brazil.

>> Um país que não tem uma noção de cidadania. <<

 Milton Santos  

A first version was presented at Shwadowed by the Future exhibition, organized by Luiza Proença, Roberto Winter and Deyson Gilbert at Instituto Cervantes (São Paulo, 2010). A second phase of the project was developed for the Mythologies exhibition, organized by Kiki Mazzuchelli at the Cité des Arts (Paris, 2012).

In 2013, a new version was presented in the Contra Escambos project (Belo Horizonte and Recife). In 2014, it was presented at the Temporada de Projetos at Paço das Artes, in its final version. In 2015, the project was part of the exhibition CFB 25 anos, Casa França Brasil (Rio de Janeiro, curated by Pablo Leon de la Barra), and was shown at the group shows MAC International (Belfast, 2016), as well as in Learning from Latin America exhibition: Art, Architecture and Visions of Modernism, as part of the PST LA/LA of the Getty Foundation (Los Angeles, 2017) and 38th EVA, Limerick (curated by Inti Guerrero in Ireland).