Beto Shwafaty

Tripartite Reunited

Sculpture, 2010 – 2013
Aluminium cast, acrylic plate, tubular rubber structure, automotive paint, resin, printed graphic image mounted on methacrylate, plywood. 94 x 63 x 57 cm, Wooden base: 60 x 60 x 90 cm, Methacrylate: 80 x 80 cm.  Edition 3+1PA

This research project starts from comparisons between different manifestations of a mathematical object: the Moebius Strip. The functional migrations of this mathematical form across cultural discourses, places and historical narratives are merge in situations where aesthetics, economics and politics are always involved. The project explores the relationships between the processes of translation, migration and reception generated by the diverse instrumentalization of this abstract form: from from its materialization in the visual arts, towards its use in productive and communicative spheres such as design, corporate identity, software brands and the architectural field. The developments of this ongoing research include: archival enquiries, sculpture and graphic works.

The project was initially shown at Staedelschule’s Rundgang (Frankfurt, 2011) with presentations later in the Eternal Tour exhibition (Sesc Consolação, São Paulo, 2012) and exhibited in its current and final phase as a new commission at P33_Unique Forms of Continuity in Space (33rd Panorama of Art Brasielira, MAM São Paulo, 2013).


• Marins de Oliveira, Mirtes. SERVENTIAS DO MODERNO, in: P33: Unique forms of continuity in the space: Panorama of Brazilian Art 2013 (p.41-47, 144). Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo, 2013.

• Caffoni, Paolo; Shwafaty, Beto. THROUGH FOLDS AND TWISTS, in: Blank Slate magazine, nº 1 – 2012, Frankfurt am Main

Installations view.