Projections (Plans in Progression), 2015.
Pantograph, sumauma plywood, oil paint

Pantographs (rulers used to enlarge or reduce drawings) are fixed on plywood cuts of geometric shapes that allude to both concrete art as to the acts of territorial planning (to demarcate an area). However, there is no drawing to be enlarged or reduced, only the surface of the wood itself, and its corresponding expansion is a black area – in reference to oil. This metaphorical action of expansion and transformation of materials evokes the promises related to the operating cycles that are never realized completely, remaining pnly in the field of projections (economic, ecological, social ones…). In other words, much of what we expect to occur in terms of planning remains restricted to the field of the images, of abstraction, design and drawing. This series, in development, involves several plywood plates in geometric cuts (as the rhombus, trapezoid, hexagon), pantographs, and oil paint.

Exhibited at:
Contract of Risk, at Luisa Strina’s Gallery, 2015.