Installation – video, TV monitor, dvd player, various furniture, construction materials, vitrine, photographs and graphical interventions on printed matter. Various materials, dimensions variable. 2010 – 2014.

Remediations is the result of an exploration regarding how certain dynamics and notions of national project are transposed to other supports of communication, especially in the fields of visual culture and spatial politics. The project addresses the multifaceted relations between territorial planning, economics, architecture, ideology, history and progress as they integrate issues relating to modernism and colonialism. By exploring the connections between nature, culture and politics, the project draws attention to the ideological uses of visuality, of discourses related to progress and of communication strategies, used in a variety of power instances in specific times and places in Brazil.

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Exhibited at:
Shadowed by the Future, Cervantes Institute (São Paulo, 2010)
Mythologies, Cité des Arts (Paris, 2012)
Contra Escambos project (Belo Horizonte and Recife, 2013)
Temporada de Projetos do Paço das Artes (São Paulo, 2014)

•Winter, Roberto. À sombra do futuro. São Paulo, 2010 (catálogo da mostra e websiteções)
•Spricigo, Vinicius. Tristes Tropos. São Paulo, 2014 (catalog Temporada de Projetos, Paço das Artes)