Beto Shwafaty

Replica series

Reconstruction of design propositions and pieces. Diverse materials and dimensions, 2013 – ongoing.

This series of productions is driven by a project aimed at repurposing and retesting past propositions (from radical and DIY design) as a way to review the validation and possibilities of certain ideologies and production schemes linked to the spheres of material productions for daily life. Enzo Mari, Kenn Isaacs and Lester Walker are among the designers of interest of this project. The process of production can assume modalities of functional constructions to be shared and used by other, as also the format of collective workshops, in which the participants as ‘students’ become ‘producers. Material vary form found to bought ones, from recycled plywood, plastic wood, mdc and similar.

Exhibited at:

The Artist As…. Pivo Art Space, São Paulo, 2014.
Workshop at Hilda Hilst Cultural Workshops, Campinas, 2014.


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