Scopes and Limits

Scopes and Limits (from Abstract Orders towards Territorial Exploitation), 2013/2015.
Stainless steel laser cutted, rusted iron, aluminum, electrostatic painting, wood (partially burned), brass plate engraved in bas-relief, automotive paint. Dimensions: 60×80 cm brass sheet; stainless steel cut 120x90x0,4 cm; stone, drill and wooden handle: 117x50x30 cm.

This work refers to the cycles and historical actions, guided by economic interests both local and global, on the environmental and human resources of the Brazilian Amazon.
The configuration of materials, images, shapes and symbols act as a reflection, as a visual and material feedback on the transformation of the Amazon (as a territory, value, idea, word and concept) on a great marketable product – a fact that can be traced to the large contracts made between the 1960s and 1990s, from interventionist projects of the Brazilian military dictatorship as well as by recent influence of neoliberal policies from the 90s or even the recent developmental waves.

Exhibited at:
Contract of Risk, at Luisa Strina’s Gallery, 2015.