System of Desire Production and Consumer Induction

Installation – mirrors, wood, iron, micro cameras, video monitor. 120 x 160 x 50 cm, 2005/2006.

This structure – which resembles a store’s exhibition display for displaying and surveillance device – acts as a security system, considering the situation of the viewer / consumer. This “structure – object” aims to enable our perception of spaces and situations for contemplation and consumption, pointing to our own awareness of the gaze moment . Here, it is interesting to ask: what is to be an observer? What is involved in this act, when it is related to the social, economic and artistic system? The intention is to work with the act of inducing desire when you’re watching: a ‘built desire’ with which the logic of the media presents things to people. Observe yourself seeing: your perception and look become the focus and subject of the work.

Exhibited at:
Rumos Itaú cultural, São Paulo, 2006.
Instante/Acontecimento, Sesc Campinas, 2012.