The Life of the Centers

Inkjet print on cotton paper mounted on dibond/aluminum. Installation with 35 to 42 images (approx.), 35 x 42 cm (each), total measure: 9 meters linear. 2011-2013

The Life of the Centers is a photographic project that explores three regions of São Paulo, considered as core areas for different reasons and at different periods: the historic center, Avenida Paulista and Avenida Berrini. Guided by testimonies and reports of people who have spent much of their working lives in these areas, and researching iconographic material into several archives, the project brings together observations on the historical cycles and flows of progress that occurred in these places of the city over a period of almost 40 years. Facts and memories are combined with archival footage and accounts of real characters, resulting in a docu -fictional work. From these meetings, resulted narratives and interpretations of urban, architectural and political changes that touch not only on personal issues, but also of social and public nature. First developed in a book format (supported by the State Program of São Paulo Cultural Action – PROAC / SP , 2011 ), this is the first formalization of the project in its exhibition format (photographic wall installation).

Exhibited at:
Love and Hate to Lygia Clark. Zacheta National Gallery, Warsaw, 2013.
Art and Heritage, Paço Imperial/IPHAN, Rio de Janeiro, 2014 (acquisition)
Taipa Tapume, Leme gallery, São Paulo, 2014.

Shwafaty, Beto. The Life of the Centers, Olhares publishing house, São Paulo, 2013 / ISBN 978-85-62114-22-9.