The Oil was Ours, or – It’s all Ideology, Stupid! (since 1950)

Galvanized metal, wood, resin and pigment, aluminum cast, automotive paint, brass plate engraved in bas relief. Pallet 99.5 x 120 x 12cm; barrel 90cm H x 58.5 cm diameter; epoxy resin and pigment; tree stem 100 x 100 x 10cm approx.; miniature cast in aluminum with automotive paint (based on a toy  from Shell, 90’s); plate engraved in bass relief and black automotive paint 60 x 100 cm (image: SP State Archives, author unknown) . 2013-2014

This project evokes some cycles of exploitation and national development, producing a sculpture that uses diverse symbols to collide the realities produced by oil promises when related to the development of Brazil. The sculpture is formed by objects that act in evocative ways: a slice of tree stem, an oil barril and a replica of miniature – toy that was distributed to children in gas stations as marketing strategy. Along with the sculptural piece, there is a brass plate engraved in bass relief, which contains an archival image of a billboard – outdoor advertisement linked to the oil-related campaigns “The oil is ours”, used in Brazil form the 50’s until the 70’s (periods of diverse military and civil dictatorships). Standing as a commemorative plaque, this wall piece contextualizes the project in political and historical terms.

Exhibited at:
Situations Brasília. Museum of the Republic, Brasilia, 2014.