To Watch and To Buy

sd video, 6’, 16:9, color, sound, 2008 – 2013

Both work and leisure are today a strong form of public/private activity. Besides the fact that they can be seen as collective and individual forms of social behavior, these activities are found in almost all levels of urban life and communication.City centres, peripheries, streets, metro stations, free shop, airports, factories, museums, cinema, TV, galleries, Internet,are shaped by the spatial and communicational logic that are merging both the notions of leisure and work, in a already acknowledged economical and immaterial sphere.

The force by which these new dynamics linked to immaterial economy are imprinting its ‘qualities’ in other process of productions, moulds nowadays our notions of public space and of personal relations. In this way, this new interconnected and immaterial environment characterizes itself as one of the main ways by which we experience the urban spheres and connect with people, always from a position of observed/observer that allows some degree of ‘programed interaction’. The two channels video projection intends to compare different times and ideas of public spaces (from perspectives of both industrial and cultural production), tensioning in an evocatively and poetically ways the questions related to our actual means of production and relations, notion of place and subjectivity projections. The video uses found footage and shootings of shopping malls with written information appearing over images, resembling the language of advertisement campaigns.

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Exhibited at:
Permanent Playfulness, Mendes Wood DM gallery, São Paulo, 2014.